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I will be the first to admit that when I first got my chickens it was only because they were just too darn adorable to leave at the store. Approximately two weeks into raising baby chicks in the house I said I would never do that again (fast forward two years and I changed my mind). Since then I have learned a lot about chickens, both from the chickens and from reading about them. I will admit I was surprised the first time I tried one of the eggs from my very own backyard, I didn’t expect there to be that big of a difference. I had always heard that fresh is better, but this was my first step into learning that the rule applies to almost everything. The only down side to fresh eggs is that you can’t boil them, but boiled eggs smell funny anyway 🙂 However, if you just love boiled eggs wait two weeks and you’re good to go.

I am asked questions constantly about my little friends in my backyard, and while most people only partially listen I answer them anyway. So, here are a few of my common questions and the answers.

The head hen. Not her best pic, but she’s still awesome
1. Are you going to eat them??? NO, they lay eggs and live in my yard. They have names and I love them. I am not just fattening them up for the kill. Sorry to disappoint, but I cannot eat something I have named.
2. Are chickens hard to take care of??? Well, that depends. How lazy are you? Chickens are no more difficult than a dog or cat, but it’s different. Everyone has their own definition of difficult and I am no different, but really after they are grown enough to move outside they are pretty low maintenance. As the proud owner of three dogs and the disgruntled owner of one cat I can say with some certainty that chickens are not difficult.
3. Are they noisy??? Yes they can be, but so are my kids and I haven’t gotten rid of them yet ðŸ™‚ Like any animal including humans, chickens communicate. They will not wake the neighborhood, but they have moments when I wish there was a mute button on them.
4. Do they stink??? (Please refer to question #2) If you don’t take care of them, then yes they can stink. That being said if I don’t take care of my hound dog she smells like feet, so how is that any different… You must clean the coop and surrounding area, but all in all they do not stink just for the fun of it.
The pretty eggs we get
5. How do the eggs tastes? I think they taste better, but that may be a matter of bias. There have been articles and studies published as to the benefit of organic free-range eggs but as far as taste goes, I think the difference is how fresh they are. Almost anything taste better fresh and eggs are without a doubt not exception.
Those are a few of my least favorite questions, but I’ve answered them with a smile before and I’ll do it again I’m sure.

This was my cheater post. I started with something I know about. Next time I want to post about something new that I’m just trying. This took me over three hours, so who knows how long it will take me to write about something new….
My problem child Nuggett 🙂 She sure loves me.

Author: Exploringutah

Mother,wife,sister, daughter and lover of all things in my backyard, who just happens to have Multiple Sclerosis :)

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