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Upcycled seed starters

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Recently the obscene amount of garbage that people create has been bothering me a little more than normal for some reason. There was no big epiphany involved, it just started bothering me one day. Since then I have been trying to reuse things that I may not have reused before, and it’s been interesting to say the very least.

About six weeks ago the pharmacy in the hospital where I work purchased new organizing bins for their cabinets, and guess what they were going to do with the old ones. EXACTLY!! They were throwing them away. Now I understand that they had no reason to keep them but that was a lot of plastic being thrown into the garbage. I took a few, even though at the time I had no idea what I would do with them. At this point I was also bringing home pallets that were going to be thrown away so the little blue bins just got thrown into the mess.

Fast forward to three weeks ago when I decided I would use them to start my corn seeds. I wasn’t exactly sure how at the time, but the decision was made. Of course when you live in Utah you know not to planet anything to early so I only started them today to plant in the ground in about two weeks.

Here is the step by step with pictures:

1. Drilled holes for drainage.

2. I used “Organic Jiffy Seed Starter mix, but let’s face it you can use just about any “dirt” you like.  Please ignore my shadow I had bad sun positioning for pictures 🙂
3. My containers were wide enough that I put two sets of seeds in each spot. I always use two seeds for corn and then if you get two plants from one spot you keep the stronger of the two. 
4. After I buried the seeds I soaked it with water and let it sit in the sun for a few minute. Since it was being relocated to the kitchen I preferred it not be dripping wet. After it was dry enough I marked the different sides for the seeds I had planted in them. 
5. After everything was all done I covered it with plastic wrap to create a green house effect. Seemed to work, if you look at the picture you can already see it’s starting to fog up a bit.
So there it is my first project. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m pretty optimistic. Most seeds should sprout in a few days and that’s when I’ll know if it worked. 


Author: Exploringutah

Mother,wife,sister, daughter and lover of all things in my backyard, who just happens to have Multiple Sclerosis :)

One thought on “Upcycled seed starters

  1. Love that you are so creative!! also love your blog and very happy to follow – so looking forward to more!Mary x

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