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The amazing feeling you get when something just works.

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Within the past two weeks I have tried two different “projects” for growing vegetables in a different way.

The first was my potatoes which I planted in reusable shopping bags instead of buying expensive grow pots.

Day one right after they were planted (4/29/12)

Ten days later, it’s hard to see but they’re sprouting.
Small sprout, but a sprout none the less 🙂

The original idea for the potatoes came from the link below.

The second was my up cycled seed starters in which I used something that would have been garbage if it wasn’t for me. As you can see after just a few days they were doing remarkably well. I posted the original blog about the seed starters on May 6th. 

Pretty happy living  by my kitchen window 5/09/12).

Now at almost one week later, you can see that these containers are going to by a very effective way of starting seeds for the future (Good thing I grabbed a bunch) 🙂
May 12, 2012 Six days after I planted them.

I find it hard to explain the excitement when I found both of these projects to be turning out very successful. I have had a garden every year for the last little while, and it was new for me to jump into this the way I did this year. I wanted to grow more, but do it in a way that I found to be sustainable and less wasteful. Well, I’m on my way and so excited with the small but measurable results so far.

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Mother,wife,sister, daughter and lover of all things in my backyard, who just happens to have Multiple Sclerosis :)

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