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Where oh where have my eggs gone??

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Last week I gave away two dozen eggs (because I had so many), but this week I have gotten barely a dozen. Keeping in mind that I have eight hens in the back yard, I’m a little stumped. I have recently discovered that my hound has a taste for raw eggs, but she is typically on her chain when she’s outside (she likes to jump the fence and take herself for a walk). That being said the ladies almost always lay their eggs in the coop and the hound can’t get into the coop. The same thing happened the same time last year and I have decided this year to choose research over frustration.  So I googled my particular and apparently very common problem and I have come up with a few possible fixes.
  1. Water- I have always made sure that my girls have water, but maybe it hasn’t been fresh enough. Since I’m awake at five in the morning most days I will try changing the water every day instead of every other day for a while.
  2. Treats 🙂 From what I understand giving my ladies fresh corn almost daily, may actually be a problem. While I’m not going to cut them off entirely, I do think I’ll cut them back to once per week.
  3. Age: Sorry for this one I have nothing, I love the ladies wether they’re old or not. I have two different age groups out there so I don’t think that’s my problem. Three of my hens are barely a year old.
  4. Disease: Same problem two years in a row??? I’m not thinking this is my problem, but if the slump continues I’ll look into it of course.
  5. Molting: Could they really be molting this time of year? My Buff Orpingtion is looking a little less fluffy then normal.
We will have to see if feeding, watering and treats are the answer. Until then I’ll just continue to enjoy the adorable way they all come sprinting across the yard when they see me come out the back door.


Author: Exploringutah

Mother,wife,sister, daughter and lover of all things in my backyard, who just happens to have Multiple Sclerosis :)

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