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Backyard hen’s breaking eggs??? Try golf balls…


I have never claimed to be a chicken expert and I’m not going to claim to be one now. However, I have always claimed to love my chickens and I will continue to do that, even when they make things difficult 🙂

Meet E.C. (short for extra crispy, hahaha) she is a black australorp who recently aquired a taste for raw eggs. Not only did she want to eat the eggs the other hen’s were laying, she did. I looked it up in several places and most people tell you that this is a problem that cannot be fixed and once the chickens want to eat the eggs they will. You can imagine that those same posts and articles were riddled with the never ending suggestion to either get rid of the chicken or “get rid” of the chicken if you know what I mean.

This was not an option I wanted to explore, so continue searching is what I did instead. In a blog I can’t find anymore at the very bottom I found an idea I was more than happy to try. Golf Balls!! Yes, old beat up golf balls. Turns out that if you put them in the coop where your ladies lay eggs it can deter them from going after the eggs. I guess they will only peck at a hard golf ball so many times before they give up (and people say chickens are stupid). Chickens don’t have much of a “stick to it” kind of attitude so if it’s not easy they move along, and move along she has.

Unlike most chickens my ladies don’t use their nesting boxes and they probably never will. They sleep in the nesting boxes, but they lay their eggs on the floor. I checked the coop when I got home yesterday, and even though the girls were locked up all day all eggs were present and accounted for. Again today I found all of the eggs unbroken and in their “nests”. Typically I let my chickens roam the yard during the day, but I need to get a fence around my garden before they can do that again.

I simply make sure to keep golf balls in all of their typical laying spots and my darling little egg breaker seems to be uninterested for now.

Author: Exploringutah

Mother,wife,sister, daughter and lover of all things in my backyard, who just happens to have Multiple Sclerosis :)

2 thoughts on “Backyard hen’s breaking eggs??? Try golf balls…

  1. I hope the golf balls help E.C. “mend her ways”. My husband and I were just talking about this very subject. I have never heard about golf balls but that is good to know. My sister has chickens and we are considering getting a couple as well. Thanks for following my blog!

    • The funniest thing about that story is that sits on the golf balls like she’s going to hatch them. I have to go in the coop and make her get up off of her golf balls to take her real eggs out. She is so grown up compared to that last picture. I really need to write a new blog post about my ladies 🙂

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