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Starting something newish

I have blogged before and always about things I knew about (namely my family), but this is new. I have recently taken on a whole new set of interests and hobbies so to speak. That’s what this blog is about….
I admit for a very considerable portion of my life I didn’t understand what living sustainably was all about, and to be honest what I did understand I had paid very little attention to. Then one night I watched a very special documentary. I won’t say that one show changed my life because it didn’t, but it certainly made me start paying better attention to what I was doing. That being said I had no idea what I was doing, and so the research began.
Here I was at square one , keeping in mind I probably haven’t made it to square two yet, with only my driving ADD and compulsiveness to guide me. I can, will and do google just about everything and I have found a myriad of articles and information. Some of it makes sense and some of it doesn’t, but I try to read as much as I can. I am forcing myself to try more of what I read about and stop just reading about it. Keeping in mind I have chickens in my backyard and a large garden. I still admittedly need a lot of work and information.
So here it is my fumbling journey into a lifestyle that I find more agreeable to me. I have found that there is more to what I’m doing and reading then just being the crazy chicken lady 🙂